Monday, 29 November 2010

The weekend that never was.

Well I just had three days off work and really didn't achieve anything. On Friday I was really tired so didn't get out of bed till late, on Friday night it snowed and the council didn't bother clearing the roads (hard times). Saturday was a beautiful wintery day but I was worried that my van would get stuck in the snow if I tried to get out for a paddle (it's useless in the snow) and Shuzzy was on call so the splitboarding I'd hoped to do was a non-starter too. Pat was supposed to get in touch so we could go hill walking and I could teach him some winter skills but I haven't heard from him. Another day in the house then. On Saturday night it snowed a lot more and once again the council didn't bother clearing the roads so Sunday was spent faffing about sorting a shovel for the car and checking my snowchains (plus a quick meet up with Shuzz). Back to work on night shift tonight, should be interesting trying to get in but I expect Dora's gonna love the snow.

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