Thursday, 17 February 2011

No Viz? No problem!

I went up to Glencoe on Tuesday for a days boarding. The forecast said it'd be clear and sunny until lunchtime but the clouds came in early making seeing a nightmare. I spent the morning at the top of the hill picking my moments to have a run when the clouds thinned a little then in the afternoon I went down to have a look at the car park runs. These runs seldom have enough snow to ride but I found that by heading out really wide from the top of the plateau Poma I could follow a series of gullies down to just above the car park (the wide angle lens on my camera in the video makes it look a lot further away than it was) then it was a five minute walk to the access chairlift to get back up and do it again. It was really nice riding and pretty much untracked. Some folks were going all the way to the car park but I figured it was safer to walk the last bit and not risk blowing out an edge on a rock. It was a great day despite the poor viz and despite riding alone.

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