Thursday, 2 February 2012

It's really starting to drag now!

So I'm sitting here waiting in vain for someone to post something interesting on Facebook or on one of my favourite forums, ho hum. 
It's now eight weeks since I had my surgery and I'm really starting to get bored with the inactivity. Following the Dakar Rally online kept me occupied for the first two weeks in January then Shuzzy's trip to Barra was a nice break from the grind and I attended a RYA VHF radio course  on Sunday (qualifying me to use a marine radio) which was productive (if a little dull). The thing is I feel pretty good now (apart from the amount of weight I've put on) so sitting around doing nothing or going for a gentle walk is becoming increasingly hard to handle. I see the specialist/surgeon again next week and hopefully he'll give me the okay to start getting back to normal. The worst thing is the doubt about whether I can do things without ending up back at square one again, I now feel as if I could cope with going for a paddle or a proper hillwalk but it's just that uncertainty as to when I'll be up to full strength again. I initially thought I'd be fine after six weeks but talking to others who've had a hernia fixed has forced me to reassess that and my GP also urged caution and extended my sick line beyond eight weeks so I suppose I should stick with the boring inaction for another week or two. I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm actually looking forward to going back to work!
On a positive note I phoned Solway Dory last week and had a chat with Dave Stubbs. They're busy with the group canoe that they're building for an outdoor centre at the moment but once that's finished they plan to build Gavin's (OCSG member) new canoe and after that mine and Andy's. Dave still hasn't had chance to test sail his prototype and wants to do that (and carry out capsize recovery testing) before they start building the new boats for other people. That makes good sense and hopefully by the time they get around to building mine and Andy's boats they should have any glitches ironed out. The new boat is to be called the Petrel incidentally (in keeping with Solway Dory's tradition of naming their canoes after sea birds) so I can stop referring to it as the new Shearwater (although they share the same hull). Although Dave wasn't too specific about dates he said I should have my new boat by spring (which is fine). Here's a picture of Dave's prototype that I stole from their FB page.

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