Thursday, 28 June 2012

New canoe update.

Solway Dory have had a break in building my new canoe over the last couple of weeks as they had to catch up on other outstanding orders. The good news is that work has now recommenced. Rather than explain the pictures myself I've used Dave Stubbs' own words to describe the progress that they've made.
"Started putting the decks on the two Shearwaters that we are building."
"I have partitioned off part of the side tank on the starboard side under the leeboard mount. This will have holes into it through the deck which will allow this part to flood if the canoe is righted after a capsize. The flooded tank will then be on the far side of the canoe and the weight will counterbalance the sailor as he climbs back into the canoe. I have used this method before on my custom Fulmar and it worked really well. Without it there is a chance of pulling the canoe over on top of you as you climb back in. A small hole in the bottom of the ballast tank will allow it to slowly drain into the cockpit when you are back on board to empty it."
"The tanks are epoxy coated on the inside so flooding the ballast tank will not cause problems. You can see the two holes in the deck. The one near the gunwale will allow the tank to flood whilst the canoe is on its side in a capsize whilst the inboard hole will let the air out of the tank to allow it to fill quickly. If it completely fills the tank will hold 40lbs of water which will greatly help with re-entry whilst if it only half fills it will have 20lbs.
 I have experimented with using a bucket of water hanging off the far gunwale to help re-entry and although this can work it is not fool proof. Sometimes it does not fill properly and sometimes it spills the water out at the crucial time. The ballast tank should be more fool proof for the sailor who has eaten too many pies like me"
  .........and me Dave!
"Whilst the side decks were being glued on i laminated one of the coamings and clamped it together across the deck to ensure a good fit to the deck when it is glued in place. I will take it off tomorrow and clean up the faces in the planer before final fitting."

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