Friday, 23 November 2012

Another new boat.

I recently sold my sea kayak after owning it for a couple of years, I hadn't paddled it much since buying my open canoe and storage space is an issue for me but the main reason for selling it was that I'd been offered a deal on a replacement boat.
Rambo was planning to sell one of his Valley Skerray boats (he had two Skerrays, and an NDK Explorer and has recently bought a sailing canoe as well so something had to go). I'd paddled the boat briefly a couple of years ago and found it okay and as it was a full size boat (at 17 feet long) and has a skeg it was a genuine upgrade over my previous kayak.
My first chance to paddle it was a couple of weeks ago on a lovely cold Monday on Loch Lomond with Sean. It was a great day for a paddle and the kayak seemed pretty good feeling quicker than my old boat with it's extra waterline length and giving reasonable comfort (although I'll have to play about with the backband a little I think). The cockpit is a similar size to my previous boat but feels much more snug due to having thigh braces and with this in mind I tried a wet exit/capsize to make sure I could escape in an emergency (it was fine but I wished I'd remembered to put my nose clip on!)
We put in at Aldochlay and paddled past Inchtavannach, Inchmoan and across to Inchcailloch for lunch (and a capsize!) After lunch we paddled round the east side of Inchfad, round Inchcruin and back through the narrows. Anyway I'll let the pictures do the talking (excuse the watermark on my camera lens which makes part of the images appear blurred).

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