Friday, 15 April 2011

Back out on the windsurfing kit.

I've been out windsurfing quite a lot recently. Usually the best time to sail is during autumn and winter however the last two winters have been almost complete wind droughts so the Helensburgh windsurfing crew have had lean pickings.
The last couple of weeks the weather has been much better for sailing, decent wind combined with mild temperatures so it's been great to get out.
I don't have any recent footage of my windsurfing but here's a clip of myself enjoying a nice sunny, windy day last July at our local spot.
Excuse the music, I originally used Muse's "The Uprising" as a soundtrack (hence the name of the video) but I had to do an audio swap (due to copyright issues) and use some random generic crap that YouTube suggested instead. Yay for WMG (not)!

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